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Multi-denominational to the core, we offer a unique, practical and relational approach in our training, speaking and coaching

NEWS: Youth Leadership has the distinct pleasure of announcing we have hired our new Executive Director! We searched long and hard and refused to settle.  Eric IversonWe looked for someone with local ties, someone experienced and someone with vision; most importantly, we searched for someone who is passionate about the mission and vision of Youth Leadership. We believe we have hit the mark on all of these. Please join us in a warm welcome to Eric Iverson and his entire family!  Click for more details.

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Youth Leadership provides speakers for audiences of parents, teenagers, volunteers, etc. | Tiger McLuen
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Youth Leadership provides coaching for ministry leaders and consulting for churches.
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Youth Leadership 50 years of ministry

In 1967, a small group of Young Life ministry leaders got together with this crazy idea of training and equipping men and women for a career in youth ministry. They pitched this to the Presidents of Bethel and Luther Seminaries—and Youth Leadership was born. LOTS has changed since 1967—in our world, in youth culture AND in Youth Leadership. One thing remains constant — the need for caring, Christ-centered adults to intentionally pass on faith to the next generation. Multi-denominational to the core, we offer a unique, practical and relational approach in our training, speaking and coaching. After 50 years, we still want to be about transforming the lives of the next generation by equipping leaders, parents and churches.

ALL of you are our ministry partners, donors, alumni, friends and/or people who have been touched by Youth Leadership’s ministry in some way. THANK YOU for your support over the years. We want to celebrate God’s faithfulness to this ministry over these past 50 years. I am Youth LeadershipAll year long, we're celebrating by posting weekly videos on our Facebook page of people sharing "I am Youth Leadership..."

Youth Leadership 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

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Youth Leadership is transforming the lives of teenagers by equipping parents, leaders and churches.

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