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Youth Leadership is transforming the lives of the next generation by equipping leaders, parents and churches.

The world looks different since YL began in 1967. Culture, ministry, and families are more complex and complicated than ever. One thing remains constant — the need for caring, Christ-centered adults to intentionally pass on faith to the next generation. Multi-denominational to the core, we offer a unique, practical and relational approach in our training, speaking and coaching.

Our newest addition to help you grow as a leader is a one year Children's Ministry Certification Program and Youth Ministry Certification Program. The online format of both the Youth Ministry (YMCP) and Children’s Ministry (CMCP) Certification Programs allows participation from anywhere in the world while providing a relational connection with mentor(s) and cohort members. 

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Learning Cohorts
Lunch & Learns
1 Day Seminars
Certification in Ministry

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Youth Leadership provides speakers for audiences of parents, teenagers, volunteers, etc. | Tiger McLuen

On-Site Workshops
for your leaders/volunteers
Seminars for Parents
Weekend Retreats

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Youth Leadership provides coaching for ministry leaders and consulting for churches.

Taking you and your ministry
to a new level
with coaching for
individuals and/or churches.

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Youth Leadership is transforming the lives of teenagers by equipping parents, leaders and churches.

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