About Youth Leadership

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 3490 Lexington Ave N #360
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 651-484-9400   |   info at youthleadership dot org

Youth Leadership EDUCATING, EQUIPPING & ENCOURAGING  Serving leaders in ministry, YL's focus is to help leaders nurture their influence with teenagers and their families. We offer a unique, relational approach to leadership development through training, speaking and coaching.

Youth Leadership's Mission

Transforming the lives of the next generation by equipping leaders, parents and churches.

The world looks different since YL began in 1967. Culture has changed, families are more complex and adolescence is more complicated than ever. But some things remain constant: 

  1. the need for quality, Christ-centered, trained leaders 
  2. the need for faithful parents equipped for the difficult task of parenting 
  3. the need for churches to have a clear strategy to reach the next generation with the Good News about Jesus 

Youth Leadership is here to educate, equip and encourage these 3 circles of influence with a variety of services. We offer a unique, relational approach to leadership development through training, speaking and coaching.

Youth Leadership's Values

Youth Leadership has been around for almost 50 years.

We have seen youth ministry change, culture change, and the Church change. But through all those changes we're still working the same passion for young people to come to know a truth which sets them free. We want to be part of helping leaders effectively share the Good News of Jesus to future generations.

We are about practical, helpful training.

YL offers excellent training that is relevant and practical. We provide a relational environment in everything we do, and we love the chance to come along side of youth workers in the field. We are practical theologians--meaning we want to think with you about how Christ-centered leaders can share faith to the next generation in the real world, not abstract concepts.

We educate, equip and encourage leaders in youth & family ministry.

Why? Because we believe that nothing happens without a leader. A leader is a crucial tool in the hands of God, and we want to help you be more focused, intentional and effective. AND, we want you to stay in ministry for as long as God wants you there.

Youth Leadership is intentionally multi-denominational.

We build bridges and actually cross them instead of hiding behind walls. This is messy, but it's where we choose to stay. For 38 years, we taught at both a Lutheran and a Baptist Seminary. Our events bring in people from over 30 denominations. We appreciate the denominations, want to honor them, and recognize their reality. So, we aren't non-denominational. We are multi-denominational. Because of that, we center on the core issues of the Gospel and don't get distracted by some of the arguments that can be divisive. It's not that we don't have firm beliefs--we just want to be sure that our training is focused on you, on Jesus, on the Church, and on leadership.

We are committed to you as a leader.

We know youth ministry can be hard. We want to offer you practical training to actually help you in your ministry, help you stay in ministry longer, and have a healthier personal life. We try to encourage you in the ups and downs of ministry; we think there is real value in hanging out with people who share your ministry heart.

We are committed to young people and their families

We don't get lost in the newest phrase or ministry model--we're simply passionate about teenagers coming face-to-face with Jesus and finding abundant life there. We value a family-based approach to ministry and recognize the power of the parents. We also know young people are served well when they experience caring, life-giving relationships with a variety of adults, and we want to provide support for any of these kinds of adults.