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Ministry requires more than good intentions. We help youth and children's ministry workers from all walks of life develop Christ-centered, life-changing, sustainable ministries by offering training that is holistic, relational and relevant. YOUTH LEADERSHIP'S training focuses on KNOW-DO-BE:

  • What do youth workers need to KNOW to be effective in ministry?
  • What do youth workers need to be able to DO to be effective in ministry?
  • What kind of people do youth workers need to BE to be effective in ministry?

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3 Hour Lunch & Learn Professional Ministry Training “Affordable, quick and to the point. But most importantly it is very practical.”

Rethinking Faith Formation

Tuesday, April 18
10:30 am - 1:30 pm  
Presented by 
Tiger McLuen

Research tells us we are losing almost 50% of the kids who come to church. Built on 40+ years of working with the next generation, Tiger will help you re-think discipleship in a changing world. Through the lens of his “Faith Factors” we will address how to help children and teens build a faith that lasts. 

Ideal for:  children’s ministry leaders, senior pastors, associate pastors, youth ministry leaders,  and volunteers

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Ministry in the Age of Social Media

Tuesday, May 9
10:30 am - 1:30 pm  
Presented by 
Tony Ducklow

The landscape of social media changes almost daily. Tony will help you stay on top of the latest trends, use social media platforms to connect with your teens, and help them to use, but not abuse, social media. We'll also bridge the context of how students use social media, the positive and negative effects, and tactics for using social media and mobile technology as tools for ministry. 

Ideal for:  youth ministry leaders  and volunteers

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1 Day Professional Ministry SeminarySome topics deserve more time, so these seminars provide depth, insight and discussion to give you tools you can use and apply in your ministry context the very next day. 

Teens in Pain

Thursday, May 4
9:30 am - 3:00 pm 
Presented by Tiger McLuen, Nikki Holm and Lee Blum

Your students need you to come to this seminar. Everyday teens struggle with how to deal with the pain they feel. In a world heavy with conflict, suffering, and high expectations, many of our young people learn to cope with their uncomfortable emotions, memories and/or experiences with unhelpful mechanisms such as self-injurious behaviors and other survival resources. Come learn more about some of the underlying uses for such behaviors as well as how you can provide a safe, informed space for young people to be seen and validated just as they are. This intensely practical seminar will help you understand the dynamics of certain behaviors and equip you with real tools to be proactive and helpful to teens and parents.

Ideal for: youth ministry leaders, associate pastors, and volunteers

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Online Children's and Youth Ministry Certification Program Affordable ONLINE FORMAT of Youth Ministry (YMCP) and Children’s Ministry (CMCP) Certification Programs allows participation from anywhere in the world while providing a relational connection with mentor(s) and cohort members. Coming alongside you, we encourage your calling, sharpen your vision, and help you grow as a leader in your particular ministry context. Click below for more information:

YMCP Cohorts
launch in AUGUST
CMCP Cohorts
launch in AUGUST

Smart Start Learning Cohort for Youth or Children's Ministry LeadersEngage in conversations within a context of safety, honesty and real life application through dynamic learning communities providing what you need for practical growth in your life and ministry.


presented by Venite Ministries & Youth Leadership
 Mondays 10a-12p
 Jan 30 + Feb 27 + Mar 27 + April 24
facilitated by 
Amy McGrew

Come together with other ministry leaders in a safe space to take care of your own soul. Move from the isolation of ministry leadership towards spiritual growth as you share your stories, listen to others, get perspective on life, and reconnect with God.

Ideal for: anyone in a ministry leadership role

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Yaconelli Scholarship Fund

We believe money should never be the reason you're not educated, equipped and encouraged. So in memory of our friend, Mike Yaconelli, this scholarship fund was created to come along side you in your ministry. It is designed for youth and children's ministry workers like you who take a look at their continuing education budget and think “there’s just no way.” Apply or contact us for more information.